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Neon Beatz Party
Neon Beatz @ MiXX - March 2nd, 2018
Michael Prado @ Levels - March 8th, 2018
Nas & Shine @ Sugar Club - March 8th, 2018
Welcome to Bangkok, voted the best city for nightlife! Find out where to party and relax if you're holidaying here, or if you're on business, where to entertain your clients or your friends. There's something for everybody! Bangkok is the second most visited city in the world, according to the "Top 100 City Destinations Ranking 2017" report. Bangkok also known as KrungThep to the locals, which means "City of Angels". KrungThep is actually an abbreviated version of its full name, which is the world's longest name. Remember that song, “One night in Bangkok”? Well, one night simply isn't enough! You’ll definitely want to spend more than just one night, perhaps a week at least, or even a month. Which hotel in Bangkok will you stay in? You may also want to get a massage to start off your day or after a long day/flight. Find out the various types of massages Bangkok has to offer.

There is always something for everyone here. If you like clubbing check out the Bangkok club listings here, or perhaps you’d like to enjoy a beer watching your favorite sport, you can find a few places in the Bars section – Sports bars. If prefer playing a few racks of pool, you can choose from a list of Bangkok pool bars, and you may find some very good players to test your skills with too. Other than Bangkok's legendary nightlife, there are plenty of other places to visit as well. Some other activities, be it shopping, sightseeing, experiencing the vibrant Bangkok nightlife or tasting the best Thai food here.

Bangkok’s traffic jams are legendary, so knowing where to stay will certainly save you a lot of time. You will probably want to know which of the Bangkok hotels are located near the Skytrain (BTS) or the subway (MRT). This will help you get around the city with greater ease. Here is a list of hotels near the BTS/MRT.

Here are a few sections (go-go bars, beer bars [to hang out and listen to a live band]; pool bars, discos, lounges, clubs, night clubs and gentlemens clubs (enjoy your nights in Bangkok), Bangkok hotels, body massage parlors, Thai traditional massage and oil massage parlours, Bangkok restaurants and interesting places in Bangkok, Thailand) that we feel would be useful-to-know, to make your night out in Bangkok more fun. If you have any suggestions, please contact us and tell us your ideas, and we will incorporate that into this site wherever possible.

For newbies or first-timers to Bangkok, check out the Tips section and the first visit to Bangkok page as well.

Last updated: February 22nd, 2018


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If you find this site useful, please tell your friends, and if you have any events or parties that you'd like to broadcast, just let us know. We'll post it as soon as possible on our Bangkok nightlife listings.

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